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April 1, 2017

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General Dentistry

Your dentist in Daytona Beach offers affordable dental care.The American Dental Association recommends everyone visits the dentist every six months for preventive care. However, all too often, people delay dental care because they are worried about the cost of services. Despite having dental insurance, many avoid the dentist because they do not fully understand how to maximize the value of their dental coverage when visiting their dentist in Daytona Beach. However, by delaying care, you are actually increasing the amount you will spend as dental problems that could have been prevented have turned into costly complications. To ensure your dental care remains affordable to protect your oral health, it is important to understand the benefits of an in-network dentist.

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Dentist

To keep dental care affordable, it is essential to choose a dentist who is included in your dental insurance’s network. If you choose an out-of-network dentist, you will pay a larger percentage of the total cost of your care depending on your particular dental plan. In addition, you may also have to pay a larger coinsurance coverage and higher annual coinsurance costs. To keep out-of-pocket costs to a minimum, you need to choose a dentist who works with your dental insurance in Daytona Beach.

An in-network dentist is contracted with your dental insurance provider with negotiated prices for services at a lower rate. As a result, the price of the services you receive are lower. Not to mention, when choosing an in-network dentist, you benefit from an array of cost-saving services. For example, many dental insurance plans offer coverage policies that are 100-80-50. This means that 100% of your preventive and diagnostic procedures are covered by your insurance, and 80% of basic procedures, like dental fillings, are paid by your insurance company. You can expect 50% of all major services, like dental crowns, to be covered. However, the amount you pay will vary depending on your specific dental plan.

Benefit from Affordable Dental Care

At Indigo Dental, we do not want you to place your dental care on hold because you are concerned about the cost. We work with both in-network and out-of-network patients to help you maximize the value of your dental insurance to keep out-of-pocket costs low.

In addition, we make paying for dental care easy. Not only do we accept cash and check payments, but we also accept all major credit cards. We also work with third-party financing to help you pay for your dental care. With CareCredit, you benefit from low monthly payments with no money down after credit approval. Now, you have no reason to avoid the dentist with affordable payment options.

Your Dentist for Affordable Dental Care

Your dental health is important to your quality of life and overall well-being. Do not place it at risk by avoiding the dentist. We will help keep your care within your budget by filing the necessary claims with insurance companies and through our various payment options.

Make an investment in your dental health by scheduling an appointment with Indigo Dental today.

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