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TMD / TMJ Therapy

Enjoy Life Fully After Relieving Jaw Discomfort

Your temporomandibular joints (also known as the TMJ) may be small parts of the body, but they have an essential function – connecting the lower jaw to the skull, which allows you to eat, speak, and more. Unfortunately, this area can also be vulnerable to dysfunction and strain, leading to uncomfortable symptoms. If you’re ready to overcome TMJ disorder (also known as TMD), don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Lloyd here at Indigo Dental for experienced and compassionate assistance. Contact our Daytona Beach, FL office to schedule an appointment!

What Causes Neck Discomfort, Stiffness and Jaw Soreness?

Grimacing man in dental chair holding jawTMJ disorder can be caused by many different sources, including the presence of bruxism (teeth grinding), arthritis, or a traumatic jaw injury. Whatever the reason is, patients are left with many troublesome symptoms like the ones above, as well as difficulty opening and closing the mouth, constant discomfort that feels like an earache, and joints that constantly lock and pop. If you’re experiencing any of these troublesome symptoms, please contact us as soon as possible.  We can schedule you for a consultation as soon as possible so that can we assess your condition and confirm whether or not TMJ disorder is the source of your troubles. Once we’ve done so, we can start arranging the right kind of treatment for your unique case.

Do I Need an Occlusal Adjustment?

X-ray of skullOcclusal (bite) adjustment may be necessary if a misaligned bite is what’s causing your TMJ disorder. This process consists of altering certain teeth in order to even out the areas where your teeth meet and create a more harmonious arrangement. For instance, if certain teeth are bearing the brunt of your bite’s pressure, this treatment can redistribute this pressure in a healthier and more comfortable fashion. Patient comfort is our top priority at Indigo Dental of Daytona Beach!

What Are Occlusal Splints?

Custom occlusal splintsOcclusal splints are the most common TMJ therapy treatment recommended. These oral appliances are designed to help support your jaw in a way that allows it function properly once more. There are several different kinds of splints available in the dental field today – for instance, some merely prevent teeth grinding while others are designed to lessen the fatigue that certain jaw muscles are experiencing and control spasms. Some occlusal splints are meant to be worn at night, while others need to be worn all the time for maximum effectiveness. Over time, our team’s goal is for your custom-made occlusal splint to direct the jaw joints into their ideal position and permanently relieve the symptoms you’ve been experiencing. Just imagine – you can return to living life to the fullest without worrying about jaw discomfort!