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Daytona Beach ClearCorrect

If you want to straighten your smile, you no longer have to worry about the hassles of bracket and wire braces. At Indigo Dental of Daytona Beach, we offer patients smile alignment using the ClearCorrect alignment tray orthodontic system. This treatment plan may not be right for every patient, but advances in the ClearCorrect process have made it a good option for more patients than ever before. To find out more about ClearCorrect, call to schedule a consultation appointment in our state-of-the-art Daytona Beach dental office.

What are My Smile Alignment Options?

Smiling woman in dental chair giving thumb upMany patients who visit our Daytona Beach dental office want to learn more about their orthodontic options. While we do not have an orthodontic specialist on our team, we have completed advanced training that allows us to offer orthodontic treatment using the ClearCorrect system.

What is ClearCorrect?

Young man with straight smileClearCorrect is an alignment tray orthodontic system. Traditional braces move teeth into their ideal positions by using wires to place pressure on brackets attached to the surfaces of teeth. Over time, this pressure shifts the smile into position one tooth at a time. Alignment tray orthodontics use a series of aligners to perform the same function.

How Does ClearCorrect Treatment Work?

Woman comparing ClearCorrect and traditional bracesEvery patient’s ClearCorrect treatment plan is customized to address specific orthodontic needs. A series of alignment trays will be crafted to move teeth gradually over the course of treatment. Each set of aligners represents your smile a step closer to the desired end result. You’ll wear the trays for about two weeks at a time. Then, exchange your current aligners for the next set in the series.

How Long Does ClearCorrect Treatment Take?

Man placing ClearCorrect trayMost patients complete their ClearCorrect treatment plan in eight to eighteen months compared with 18 to 36 months required to complete traditional bracket and wire orthodontic treatment. In addition to saving overall treatment time, ClearCorrect saves patients time throughout the course of the orthodontic process. Traditional brackets and wires need to be adjusted every few weeks, but you’ll only need to visit us every six to eight weeks for short checkup appointments during ClearCorrect treatment.

Do I Need to Wear a Retainer?

You will still need to wear a retainer after ClearCorrect treatment. This retainer will hold your teeth in their new positions as the roots fuse with the gums and bone tissue to ensure they don’t shift back out of alignment. In the past, we had to use bulky, metal and plastic retainers. Today, we can usually provide clear plastic retainers that look and feel just like the ClearCorrect aligners you’re used to wearing.

Understanding the Cost of ClearCorrect

Dentist showing patient ClearCorrect in Daytona Beach

Investing in ClearCorrect comes with numerous benefits, including discreet treatment and removable aligners. Since guiding your teeth into their properly aligned positions is a meticulous process, the upfront cost is a bit higher. Fortunately, the results can last a lifetime with the right best practices in place! To learn a bit more about factors that influence the cost of ClearCorrect in Daytona Beach, read on.

Factors That Affect the Cost of ClearCorrect

Daytona Beach dentist showing patient ClearCorrect

One of the best parts about ClearCorrect is that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment – it’s 100% tailored to your dental needs and smile goals! Therefore, our Daytona Beach dentist will create an estimate once they’ve determined:

  • The severity of the orthodontic issue at hand
  • Whether you need to straighten one arch or both
  • How many aligners are needed
  • If any additional accessories are required

ClearCorrect vs. Smile Direct Club™: Which Costs More?

Patient holding Invisalign in Daytona Beach

DIY clear aligner alternatives, like Smile Direct Club™, certainly cost less. However, cheaper isn’t necessarily better, especially when it comes to something as important as your smile. Many patients often are unaware that these brands rely on DIY impressions, don’t provide in-person oversight, and have countless lawsuits due to worsened misalignment. That’s why it’s best to invest in a reliable, safe, and tested teeth-straightening solution, like ClearCorrect. While it may require a higher upfront investment, it’s better than gambling with your smile.

Does Dental Insurance Cover ClearCorrect?

Patient pointing to her smiling while holding her clear aligners

In some cases, dental insurance providers do cover braces. Ultimately, it depends on the fine print of your dental plan. Don’t worry – our team is here to help. We can assist in filing your claim and helping you understand the cost in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

Options for Making ClearCorrect Affordable

Patient making a heart with her clear aligners

Don’t have dental insurance? Unhappy with your coverage? Luckily, we offer another financial solution. In fact, we offer several! Our team has an in-house membership plan, offers flexible financing, and extends periodic specials. As a result, the cost won’t stand in your way of achieving the straight, beautiful, and healthy smile you desire.