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In-Practice Teeth Whitening

Can My Smile be Brighter?

Improve Your Confidence with A Whiter Smile

Young woman examining her smile in mirrorDental stains and discoloration are a big issue among adults of all ages, but thankfully, Indigo Dental of Daytona Beach offers the right solution here in Daytona Beach. Our team provides teeth whitening to help you feel vibrant again!

Most whitening systems on the market are similar, but some are significantly more powerful because of the way the brightening material is distributed to the teeth. Another distinguishing difference between systems is the concentration or active ingredients in the gel. Professionals will usually whiten your teeth by performing the process in-office over the course of an hour-long visit. By the end, your smile should be several shades brighter.

Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. David Lloyd, and his team are happy to provide you with more information and help you determine whether or not whitening treatment is best for you and your dental needs!