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Dental Bridges in Daytona Beach

Dental Bridges

Bridges are a fairly common sight around Daytona Beach. Everyone is familiar with the Broadway Bridge downtown. Getting around would be much more difficult without our bridges. Dental bridges are really quite similar. They bridge the gap in your smile so you can smile confidently and chew a variety of foods. If you would like a dental bridge, Daytona Beach dentist, Dr. Lloyd, can custom design and place the perfect one so you can enjoy your smile once again.

If you’ve been contending with missing teeth for a while, then you’re familiar with the problems. The most obvious, of course, is the appearance of your smile. Unfortunately, everyone’s eye is drawn to that gap. For some people, this can be embarrassing enough to dissuade them from participating in social and business functions.

Problems don’t end there, however. Just one missing tooth increases your risk of gum disease, decay in other teeth and the likelihood that teeth shift, which can impact your bite. In addition, you may not be able to chew certain foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and chicken, or nuts and grains. As a consequence, you may be malnourished and not even realize. For all of these reasons, tooth replacement is essential.

Bridge the Gap

Like the Broadway Bridge across the Intracoastal Waterway, a dental bridge requires sturdy support at both ends. That support is provided by the teeth that are on either side of the gap. Dr. Lloyd, your dentist in Daytona Beach, will file away a portion of these two teeth in preparation for dental crowns. Once this step is completed, we’ll take an impression that our dental lab will use to craft your customized crowns and bridge. This will be a single unit that Dr. Lloyd adhesively bonds at your next appointment.

In the meantime, we’ll place a temporary crown and bridge that we make in the office from the same impression. Once the permanent prosthesis is ready, Dr. Lloyd will remove the temporary. He’ll check to make sure the crown and bridge fits perfectly, making minor adjustments if necessary. Then, the dental bridge is bonded into place and you have a complete smile once again.

Caring for Your Dental Bridge

For the most part, caring for your dental bridge is much like caring for your natural teeth. You’ll need to brush with fluoride toothpaste and floss, too. Dr. Lloyd will also give you a special floss threader that reaches underneath the bridge to clear away trapped particles of food and plaque.

Contact our office and schedule an appointment to discuss your dental bridge with your dentist in Daytona Beach today!