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Tooth Extractions in Daytona Beach

According to The Mayo Clinic, tooth extractions run a very low risk of complications and are performed very routinely by Daytona Beach dentist, Dr. David Lloyd, at Indigo Dental. With his experience and expertise, your extraction will go smoothly and be as painless as possible.

Why Do I Need a Tooth Extracted?

While there are many reasons why Dr. Lloyd may recommend an extraction, one of the most common is tooth decay that has gone past the point of being fixed or repaired with a filling, inlay, onlay or dental crown. An extraction is essentially performed to prevent the spread of infection and to eliminate any discomfort or pain.

Other reasons for tooth extraction include:

  • Impacted teeth, such as wisdom teeth
  • Malfunctioning teeth
  • Hard to reach teeth

These types of extractions help to prevent future crowding of your remaining teeth, which can lead to bite problems. In this way, extraction ensures a great looking smile that also functions well when the process is completed.

How are Teeth Extracted?

Although there are varying difficulties of extractions, most of them are uneventful and the procedure only last a few minutes. The bone, gum and tooth will be anesthetized using a numbing agent for patients who will remain awake during the process. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can also be given to aid in any additional anxiety or nervousness. Once the extraction starts, you will only feel pressure and not any pain. Typically, Dr. Lloyd can extract your teeth using only applied pressure to the socket and dental forceps, rather than the need for surgery.

Recovery from Tooth Extraction

After the extraction, you’ll be given very detailed instructions for caring for your wound for the next few days. The first thing we recommend is rest and relaxation. Keep gauze on the effected area to minimize or stop bleeding for the first few hours following extraction. You can reduce swelling and pain with a cold compress at 20-minute intervals.

Dr. Lloyd may also prescribe medication to alleviate any pain in the days following your extraction.

In most cases, if the extraction site is kept clean and you follow our recovery instructions, your gums should be healed up without any trouble in just a matter of weeks.

After you are healed, the dentist can replace one or more teeth with a bridge, implant or denture. This will help you with overall functionality and will look amazing when the process is complete.