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Teeth Whitening in Daytona Beach

Improve Your Confidence With A Whiter Smile

Staining our teeth has been around for quite some time. Well, ever since we’ve been eating food! With the ever-growing consumption of coffee, tea, spicy food and other staining agents, we are staining our teeth at record rates.

However, as  with most problems in our world, we’ve come up with a solution! We can whiten your teeth and have you feeling vibrant again!

Most whitening systems on the market are comparative in idea, however some are significantly more powerful on account of the way the brightening material is distributed to the teeth. Another distinguishing difference between systems is the concentration or active ingredients in the gel.

Professionals will usually whiten your teeth by using a tray or doing the whitening in-office. Your tray whitening will consist of the office taking an impression of your mouth so that your experience with whitening may be as comfortable as possible.

A supply of whitening gel will be given and each tray is worn in succession with the previous tray.  Time in each tray may differ from patient to patient.

In office whitening is going to be what you want if you’re looking for the most efficient whitening methods on the market. There are several in-office options you can go with but the process is very similar for all methods of in-office.

Your dentist would be happy to provide you with more information and help you determine which avenue of whitening treatment is best for you and your dental needs.